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I believe God can use anyone to fulfill His plans no matter how old you are. I’m 100 years old, and I paint freehand bookmarks with artwork on the front and “God Loves You” on the back. They’re distributed randomly to people we meet to remind them of God’s love.

It’s a simple way of getting out the most important message anyone can see. I truly think that if you’re breathing, God can use you. Everyone has some type of gift that can be used for The Lord. Our gifts are all different. There is no point to just sitting on them because you’re old.

About four years ago, I was doing a devotional study every morning for one whole year on God’s love. I was studying the different aspects of biblical love and it struck me that God loves us so deeply that we may not be able to comprehend it because He Is Love.

After retiring at the age of 60, I learned to paint at the local Senior Center. Years later when I was no longer able to stand to paint large canvases, I kept getting a nudge from God telling me to paint bookmarks to share His message of His love with others. I was hesitant about doing that because nowadays so few people take time to read actual books. But I kept reflecting on Zechariah 4:10, “Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin.”

So I adhered to His nudging, and now I’m thrilled that God has given me this whole new adventure. In the grand scheme of things, painting bookmarks is such a little thing, but God uses the little things to do big things.

When I wake up, I devote the first hours of my morning to reading God’s Word. Then, after getting dressed for the day, I spend two to three hours painting water color bookmarks while sitting in my recliner. I paint five a day and I’ve been doing this for about three years.

One of my daughters cuts out all the paper for me and laminates the bookmarks. We don’t keep an exact count of how many we’ve distributed, but she’s on her second laminating machine–we’ve worn out the first one and are about ready for the third. Overall, we estimate we’ve made and distributed over 5,000 bookmarks.

These bookmarks are free, just like God’s love.

My three daughters take every opportunity to share them with random people. Two daughters travel to trade shows where they distribute them to medical people, fire investigators and law enforcement personnel. Each daughter keeps some in her purse so they can give them out at doctors’ offices, Sam’s Club, grocery stores or wherever they happen to be. Even my 10-year-old great-granddaughter took some to share with her friends and most of my visitors leave with bookmarks to share with others. They get wonderful reactions from people when they give them out. It seems people love getting a hand-painted bookmark, but most of all, they love hearing that God loves them.

I don’t get to see the impact very often since I’m pretty much homebound at my age. But every so often, I do get to see a reaction. Last year, I fell in the shower. When the paramedics came to my house and were making sure I was okay, we got to talking about what I do with my days. I told them about my bookmarks. One paramedic turned to me with a surprised look on her face and told me she had one; someone had given it to her at the grocery store.

Another time, while in the hospital getting my pacemaker replaced, a nurse came running in to meet me because she heard “the bookmark lady” was on her floor. And when I broke my leg, a number of the hospital and rehab workers came in asking for a bookmark after seeing a co-worker’s. It’s not fun being in a rehab facility when you’re my age and you’ve broken your leg, but it didn’t slow me down. I used that time to paint more bookmarks.

These bookmarks have been distributed in England, Guatemala and other countries by missionary friends and all across the United States by friends and family and business associates who love to share them.

People need to know and be reminded of the amazing fact that God does love them. And we all need love!

It brings me great joy to do this and know that I can help spread God’s love from a recliner. And it shows that anybody can work for the Lord at any age.

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    May 4, 2023 at 1:53 pm

    What a beautiful ministry! I also believe that no matter how old you are, God can always still use us. You are a definite inspiration!

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    May 5, 2023 at 7:33 am

    What a lovely thing to remind people that God loves them!
    We all need to hear that message and know how much He really cares about us.
    May God bless you in every way.

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