Loving Your Neighbor

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    On the Sunday after Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, I got up to go to church but I couldn't make it out of my driveway. I was stuck in my house for hours and saw television reports all morning about how fellow citizens were trapped in their houses with nowhere to go. I knew I had to do something. I decided we were going to use our two furniture stores as rescue shelters. We posted a video online and used our social media to tell people they were welcome to stay in our furniture stores as long as they needed. We let… Read More

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    I was still reeling from the loss of my baby when Hurricane Katrina stormed New Orleans. As I watched the coverage, my mind immediately went to the mothers. How were these mothers going to take care of their babies when their homes were flooded and they were being bused to auditoriums? I felt moved to go to Sam’s and pick up some big boxes of diapers. Taking diapers seemed like a simple thing, but diapers were needed. And, helping these mothers ministered to my hurting momma heart. So, when my home town of Baton Rouge experienced catastrophic flooding in August… Read More

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    When my husband was deployed a few months ago, our son was very sad. He had never been away from his dad and he really missed him. Of all things, they had a special bond of doing yard work together. A couple days after the deployment, our son said he was going over to our neighbor's house to see if Dean could come out and work in the yard with him. Dean is not a child---he has a wife and three girls as well as a full-time job. But Dean set aside whatever he was doing and started raking the yard… Read More

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    I have always had a passion for animals, and knew I had to get involved when I came across two huskies belonging to a young Marine on a Facebook group I follow. The group is for men and women that get deployed and need to find a temporary home for their animals while they're serving. The foster family he lined up had fallen through, and he was going to have to give up his beloved dogs while he was serving overseas for a year. I could only imagine the devastation he was feeling. My husband and I talked it over… Read More

  • Homeless Loving Your Neighbor


    I started putting together love-on-the go bags about five years ago. I got inspired while driving and consistently being stopped at a certain street corner where homeless people ask for money or help. I would scrounge in my car to try to find anything to give--a water bottle, a power bar, or some spare change. But one day, I felt a nudge from the Holy Spirit to do more. After praying about this, I decided to put together ready-to-go bags with loving messages, hygiene products, first aid kits, socks, food and water. Now, I'm never empty-handed when passing or driving by someone… Read More

  • Loving Your Neighbor Prayer


    My mom raised me to see the poor, to view life through the eyes of people who are economically at the bottom. She taught me that people living in impoverished conditions need help, and that I could serve through prayer, mission trips or volunteering. However, my perspective dramatically changed when I began working as a nanny for a wealthy family in California. Before working there, I had a mental picture of how wealthy people lived; I saw wealth as privilege without struggle. What I didn't expect to see was genuine need. These people had real struggles like everyone else, just… Read More

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