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Episode 21
  •  TCH Podcast
  •   November 23, 2020

Episode 21 has the wonderful story of young man in middle school who made quite an impression on his fellow students by simply praying before meals and on the sidelines at his football games; a lady who shows the love of Jesus to women who are working in the commercial sex industry; a former homeless man that is gathering supplies and building relationships with the homeless men in his town; and a young woman who…

Episode 20
  •  TCH Podcast
  •   November 4, 2020

Episode 20 includes the story of a lady who met the basic needs of her disadvantaged neighbors by starting a laundry ministry; two men from very different backgrounds who are investing in the lives of fatherless kids by volunteering at an inner city school; a retired woman who feeds a hot breakfast to 30 neighborhood kids every Saturday morning and then leads a Bible study with them; and a grown woman who…

Episode 19
  •  TCH Podcast
  •   October 21, 2020

Episode 19 tells the inspiring story of a dad who writes encouraging notes on his children’s lunch napkins and how that is influencing other dads to show love for their kids; a woman who lost her husband and is now using that painful time to help other widows walk through their grief; a salesman so moved at a seminar that he changed careers and is now helping to rehab recently-released prisoners; and a lady whose life changed…

Episode 18
  •  TCH Podcast
  •   October 6, 2020

In Episode 18, you will hear the incredible story of a woman who stayed at an orphanage in Haiti for 21 months to make sure her adoption went smoothly and preserve that special bond with her soon-to-be-adopted son; a guy that will go to any pool hall or prison to share the love of Jesus; a woman who has battled brain cancer twice and is now helping others facing that huge obstacle; and a lady who…

Episode 17
  •  TCH Podcast
  •   September 16, 2020

Episode 17 tells the wonderful story of a successful restaurant owner who wanted to help former foster children that had “aged out” of the system; a lady who makes delicious loaves of homemade bread each week to use as an outreach to her friends and neighbors; a woman who developed a series of sports activity books to give away to children going through a difficult time; and a medical student who…

Episode 16
  •  TCH Podcast
  •   September 1, 2020

In Episode 16, you will hear the inspiring story of a man with no arms or legs who is spreading the love of Jesus to thousands of people each year; a lady who was dependent on drugs and alcohol for 35 years and ended up in prison that now helps other inmates throughout the world live a Christ-centered life; a woman using her dancing skills to teach dance classes for children with special needs; and a woman who…

Episode 15
  •  TCH Podcast
  •   August 18, 2020

Episode 15 tells the amazing story of a man that stopped to help an elderly gentleman cut his grass and it developed into a nationwide ministry that trains young men to give back to their community; a former alcoholic who gives hope to other addicts by sharing her story and her faith; a man who used his battle with a brain tumor to help others going through major medical issues; and a woman…

Episode 14
  •  TCH Podcast
  •   August 5, 2020

In Episode 14, you’ll hear about a sewing ministry that helps grieving parents by making beautiful gowns for heaven-bound babies; a hospitalized man who heard God’s quiet voice telling him to start a worship service in a nursing home; a woman who found a ver unique way to help the homeless; and a lady who…

Episode 13
  •  TCH Podcast
  •   July 22, 2020

Episode 13 tells the inspirational story of a real estate broker whose lost $10,000 check was returned by a homeless man and how that changed both their lives; a retired policeman who  cried out to God after receiving a scary health diagnosis and got a clear message about starting a Bible study in a bar; a woman who opened a clothing closet to help foster care children and their families; and a lady…

Episode 12
  •  TCH Podcast
  •   July 9, 2020

Episode 12 includes the emotional story of a mom who lost her infant son and the ministry opportunity that developed from her devastating loss; a former educator who now tutors and distributes backpacks to hundreds of homeless children; a woman who shockingly found herself behind bars and started a ministry to reach imprisoned women with needed supplies as well as the Word of God; and a man who…

Episode 11
  •  TCH Podcast
  •   June 25, 2020

In Episode 11, you’ll hear the story of a woman that visits the Alzheimer’s unit of her local hospital and calms the patients’ fears with her violin music; a father that reaches out to other broken-hearted parents who have recently lost a child; a couple that started a food pantry that has grown beyond anyone’s expectations; and a man who…

Episode 10
  •  TCH Podcast
  •   June 11, 2020

Episode 10 tells the story of a man who was shot and paralyzed as a teenager, thought about suicide, but has now turned being “disabled” into “is able”; a former Sunday school teacher who can no longer teach since she’s confined to an assisted living facility but still prays for the people she taught every day; a couple who bought an old camper and takes it to mobile home parks in order to reach the unchurched; and three sisters who…

Episode 9
  •  TCH Podcast
  •   June 2, 2020

Episode 9 includes the story of a lady who was once the victim of a sex trafficking ring and now rescues girls from the streets; a man who ministers to widows and single moms by changing the oil in their cars; a woman who found a way to collect over 1,000 pairs of shoes for orphans; and a missionary who…

Episode 8
  •  TCH Podcast
  •   May 18, 2020

Episode 8 includes the story of Abigail’s Place, a ministry that offers people with special needs a chance to live independently; a man that took his love of breakdancing and turned it into an outreach for young men; the comfort dogs used during times of natural disasters or school shootings; and a woman who once tried to take her own life but…

Episode 7
  •  TCH Podcast
  •   April 15, 2020

Our seventh episode includes the story of a man who helped hurricane victims by opening up his 70-room motel and meeting their every need; a woman confined to a wheelchair who has an incredible attitude about living with a debilitating physical condition; a lady who has played the piano for two different church services every Sunday for 30 years; and a mother…

Episode 6
  •  TCH Podcast
  •   March 26, 2020

Episode 6 includes the story of some men who maintain a fleet of 500 Radio Flyer wagons for their local Children’s Hospital; a young woman who come up with a unique way to minister to the homeless; how neighbors are helping neighbors with a hand-up instead of a handout; and a woman who…

Episode 5
  •  TCH Podcast
  •   February 27, 2020

Our fifth episode includes the story of a pastor’s wife trying to hold her family together after discovering her husband’s addiction to pornography; a man who lost it all and was thinking about ending it all when he received a surprising message from the Lord; a youth pastor and his cancer battle that…

Episode 4
  •  TCH Podcast
  •   February 5, 2020

In this fourth episode, you’ll hear the story of a high school football coach who is also a father figure and mentor to his players; a husband and wife that started a program to help out overwhelmed parents of children with special needs after they lost their own son; a woman who was thrust into raising her two granddaughters but has…

Episode 3
  •  TCH Podcast
  •   January 14, 2020

In our third episode, you’ll hear the story of a six-year-old girl with a serious kidney disease that helps other sick kids by making a special pillow for them; a lady that saw kids who coulnd’t afford milk with their school lunch and took decisive action; and how a grieving family forgave the person responsible for their daughter’s death; and….

Episode 2
  •  TCH Podcast
  •   December 13, 2019

In this second episode, you’ll hear the touching story of a young widow that turned her personal tragedy into a blessing for others; a woman who has given away 3,000 prom dresses; an infertile couple that built their family through adoption…

Episode 1
  •  TCH Podcast
  •   December 9, 2019

In this first episode, you’ll hear the story of a neighbor that helped a child deal with his father being deployed overseas; a fireman who started a woodworking ministry to help reach young men that needed a new start to life; a man that spends time every day…