Labor Verbalizing the Gospel


I run a small pet grooming business. Sometimes, it’s difficult to compete against huge corporations, but somehow God provides for me in the most intimate of ways. I still have concerns about the business, but even when I’m not sure He’s looking, He lets me know He sees me. The other day I experienced a mini-miracle. One of my employees, who has become a good friend and has been working with me for nearly six years, decided to put in his two-weeks notice. I felt very discouraged but within the hour, my shop phone was ringing and a new groomer was asking for employment. Considering I’ve only had four people in my seven years ever call for employment, both the call and the timing was stunning. The next day, the groomer came in for an interview, and after about an hour of talking where I shared the amazing timing of her call, not only was she hired, but she was asking to come to our church. Frankly, I was shocked she was moved by our conversation. The thing is, I try not to proselytize, and unlike my former ways of reaching people thru apologetics, I now try to share Jesus through love and acts of kindness. I’m so grateful for this new understanding, and that Jesus uses me in this way.

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