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Through walking this life with Christ, I’ve had the chance to witness the miracles that come with having faith, but it still doesn’t change the shock and warmth one feels when experiencing one of these miracles first hand.

I’m very passionate about charity. Little did I know, that passion would make me worthy of feeling the miracles of Christianity on a day where a miracle was greatly needed.

I was given the chance to orchestrate an incredible act of kindness, to be a part of an effort that provides the homeless with food and other basic necessities. We reached out to a local homeless veteran’s shelter. I started by interviewing 30-40 individuals, asking them about their unique stories. I also asked for prayer requests, and if there was anything they needed at that moment that I could provide, which turned out to be anything ranging from something as vital as a wheelchair down to something as simple as a bus ticket.

I spent time sharing each veteran’s heart wrenching story on social media. I reached out to newspapers, as well as local radio and tv stations, hoping to spread the word. Thankfully with donations from local businesses, I was able to provide everyone with what they had asked for. The room where the gifts were placed was filled to the brim with items for each sweet soul, stacks of items that were towering over everyone. Little did I know this was only the beginning.

Businesses had also donated food. There was one point I was concerned we weren’t going to have enough for everyone to eat. The trays were running extremely low, and I began filling with worry. I decided to gather members of the church that were helping me, as we all began to pray over the trays, asking Jesus to multiply the food as he did the bread and fish for thousands of people in Matthew 15:32-39.

By something that can only be described as a miracle, we never ran out of food. Every time I thought the trays were going to empty, there was enough to provide another person with a full plate. Every individual got the chance to eat until they were completely satisfied.

That special moment taught me that even if you can only gather faith the size of a mustard seed, anything is possible with that faith. Even mountains can be moved!

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