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My childhood was far from normal and tainted with abuse, poverty, and dysfunction. Having never known a father’s love, I gave my heart away to the first boy who treated me nicely. As a result, I got pregnant at sixteen. The relationship became toxic, so after splitting up, I went back to school and started working. I graduated high school and a few years later, I graduated from Nursing School.

Working and studying gave me a sense of pride. I had a business, my degree, money, my son, and a new boyfriend, I had everything. And yet, I lived with an annoying emptiness that would not go away.

One day, a woman walked into my business and invited me to her small group. I had no idea what that was but agreed to go because I was desperate for more than all I’d known. That first night is all it took. Jesus took hold of my heart and filled me with the peace I had been longing for.

I began my walk with the Lord and one day, He asked me to leave it all behind to serve Him. Much like Abraham, I obeyed without really knowing where to go, but I had peace and a purpose.

For the last eight years, I have been a nomad for the Gospel in my city of Bogota, Columbia. God has always provided a bed to sleep in and food to eat. I am always ready to share the love of Jesus with others. We only have one chance to impact someone’s life, so it’s best we’re ready!

I like to pack leftovers in Tupperware and take them to the park. When I see someone who looks like they need lunch and a friend, I approach them with a smile. I keep them company and share the Gospel as they eat. Who knew Tupperware would be a tool for the Kingdom!

Bogota is a beautiful, but very rainy, city, so I always have an extra umbrella in my bag to share with a stranger. Like the Tupperware, my umbrella has an ulterior motive. As I walk with the stranger to wherever they’re going, I speak to them about the Man who changed my life.

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