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Every girl dreams of her wedding day, and I was no different. When I got older, I attended a wedding that gave me vision for what I wanted for my wedding. I didn’t walk away from that ceremony adoring the flowers or the bride’s dress; I walked away in awe of how glorious God is. I decided, THAT is how I wanted my wedding to be.

A wedding is a once in a lifetime event. It’s the one opportunity you have to gather all the people you love together and share with them, in one ceremony, what your marriage is all about. My husband and I wanted everyone to experience and see that our marriage was about the Lord; it was about demonstrating the love of Christ. We so wanted the name of Jesus to be praised, for it to be evident who this was really all about.

We made this our top goal from the beginning of the planning period. We carefully put together a ceremony that placed an emphasis on worship. We chose songs that had deeply ministered to our hearts. When it came to choosing who would lead worship, we wanted to make sure we had a team that knew and loved the Lord and who could cultivate a true atmosphere of praise. The more we planned, the longer the ceremony became. Overall, the ceremony took nearly two hours but we had already decided we didn’t care how long it would take. We only get this opportunity once, so we were going to do it the way God was leading us to regardless of the time.

When it came to the glitzy side of my wedding, the dress, the hair, the flowers, I really didn’t have a mind in the matter. I was happy to pass off those decisions to others. I genuinely had the most fun and excitement planning the ceremony. That was the part that meant the most to me.

My husband and I felt a call to give God as much glory as we could, and it was a call we did not take lightly.

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    February 15, 2022 at 9:46 am

    So wonderful,using the opportunity of a very important life event to show the love of Christ.the Lord bless your union

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