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I remember a time when family not only meant that which you were born into, but also the people around us who we “do life” with. God is the greatest advocate for community, and I do not believe it is by chance that we find unity there.

Bless-N-Basket was birthed from the very idea of putting unity back into community, and loving on our neighbors as Christ commanded. What was supposed to be a small get together for women in the living room of our home soon became a call to start a complete food pantry. The very first meeting in July 2018 brought 15 to 20 women together in our little living room in Lincoln, Alabama. We had a time of devotion and prayer, and afterwards, each lady left with a box or two of food for their own family or friends.

That night, it became evident that these meetings were not just for women. For as many women as there were in our living room, there were just as many men standing outside. We quickly outgrew our home, so we moved the meetings to our business showroom. By November, we were busting at the seams and knew that we were going to need a bigger place to meet. I look back now and can see the hand of God was always orchestrating the next move.

About the time the need for more space became a necessity, we were blessed with a divine connection to New Hope Ministries in Oxford, Alabama. In January of 2019, Bless-N-Basket Food Ministries held its first meeting there, where we have also been able to share the Gospel and tell people about the love of Jesus. There are no requirements to receive food. We now provide for over 230 families each month. Every Sunday, people donate to our cause through New Hope Ministries, and other ministries are reaching out to partner with us.

We believe that Bless-N-Basket will continue to grow and become a blessing to many more communities. God’s plans are always bigger than our own. All we have to do is say yes.

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    Wanda Champion
    October 21, 2019 at 9:45 pm

    Earlier this year my van had mechanical issues and I was without transportation for almost two months! I got in touch with Brandy Willis Mitchell and the Bless-N-Basket team to see if they could bring me a good box! And when they had time later after the Saturday food Giveaway, then they brought me some food and a food box! So for the next two months on the Saturday food Giveaway they helped me and others, that were shut-ins (because we had no way to get to New Hope Ministry to pick up a box of food) to bring us a box of food! I really appreciate the fact of them going out of their way to help those in need! I have my Van fixed now and I was just out there on Saturday to get a food box and etc! Thanks for all the help to the community! Everyone Be Blessed!

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    Mary Suzanne williamon
    November 1, 2019 at 8:04 am

    I would like to ask for help I have 3 kids that are in my custody thru dhr my sons ex kids and I also have his 8 year old and in need of food for us I am on fixed income and not enough to pay bills and buy food for all any help will be appreciated may god bless

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