• Food Homeless


    I battled a couple different types of cancer several years ago, and it sure underscored the limited amount of time we have here on earth. It also made me realize that I needed to give more of myself. One Sunday, I went down with a group of people to a men's homeless shelter to help serve dinner. And I was hooked. Now, a couple times a month, we not only help with the meal but also lead the guys in a worship service. We spend time with the men there. Let's face it, we are all flawed. We need to connect with others,… Read More

  • Food Loving Your Neighbor


    Just as Jesus broke bread with his disciples, I enjoy sharing bread with others as a symbol of Christ’s love for us. Wednesday is coined ‘Bread Day’ at our house. It’s a process that takes a couple days, but I actually bake the bread on Wednesday afternoons each week. I make about 12 loaves of bread, and we usually keep a loaf because I always sneak a slice right after it comes out of the oven. I like to take it to friends when they are sick or going through a hard time, but I also give loaves to friends and co-workers… Read More

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