• Children Overcoming Obstacles Prayer


    When my husband and I found out I was pregnant, we were so excited that our prayers had been answered. It wasn’t until our 20-week anatomy scan that we found out our baby boy had a kidney disease. We discovered he had a multicystic dysplastic kidney, meaning he only had one functioning kidney. This required us to have ultrasounds every month to measure the growth of his right kidney and make sure his left kidney was still functioning. This was a difficult process for both my husband and me. All we could do was lean on God and trust in His… Read More

  • Hospital Overcoming Obstacles Prayer


    The story of Job resonates with me. He was put through some very difficult and gut-wrenching trials. But Job’s faith saw him through those times. I feel like I’m in a somewhat similar situation right now. I’m going through an excruciating cancer battle which has me wondering how long I may have on earth. And a number of family members are going through very hard struggles. I have three children. My oldest daughter has Huntington’s Disease which affects her nervous system; I’m seeing her life being taken away from her, and watching my granddaughter lose her mom. I promised my daughter that I would… Read More

  • Children Prayer


    When we first married, I was on birth control but because of persistent headaches, I had to stop. We felt this must be God’s timing for having a baby. Seth even had a dream that we would have twins. We laughed it off that maybe we would since twins ran in my side of the family. After about six or eight weeks, twins were confirmed. Just thinking about it was daunting but we were also excited. Thankfully, everything went smoothly, except for lots of morning sickness, which was to be expected. Amazingly, our beautiful girls came at 37 weeks (full-term) and… Read More

  • Hospital Overcoming Obstacles Prayer


    On April 26, 2018, my wife had a life-threatening stroke. She was on bone-density pills which led to a blood vessel bursting in her brain. Prior to the stroke, she knew something was wrong with her health and felt I was poisoning her. I was not a perfect husband by any means, but I couldn’t understand why she thought this, and I felt our marriage was over at this point. In hindsight, the swollen vessel was causing her mental issues. What do you do when your spouse thinks you want them dead? She even had a blood test confirming there was no… Read More

  • Children Prayer


    I was beyond excited when we found out we were going to have a second child. Having dealt with infertility issues and other medical problems, I was considered extremely high risk. My obstetrics doctor had scheduled an ultrasound right away so the baby could be monitored carefully. When I went in for the appointment, I was looking forward to getting ultrasound pictures and anxious to hear the baby's heartbeat. As the tech did the tests, he had a look of concern on his face. Normally, there's friendly chatting during the procedure, but not this time. I expected to meet with the… Read More

  • Food Prayer


    As a young girl in 1979, my family packed up and moved from a very small town in Hamilton, Ohio to a rural part of the state called Morrow. Our previous home was quite small but this house was three stories and was built before the civil war. With three children under the age of ten, no running water, and no electricity at first, my parents had their hands full. Our nearest neighbors were over a mile away in any direction and our house was located on a busy highway called State Route 22. Until the water and electricity was working,… Read More

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