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The Lord has given me a passion for helping women and marriages that are on a journey of healing and restoration.

Eighteen years ago, as a broken single mother with four children, I clung to Jesus. I could never praise Him enough for sending family and friends to walk with me through this very dark chapter of my life. They never condemned me. Words of wisdom, healing, love, encouragement and truth were like manna from heaven. As I experienced healing day by day, I began to cry out, “God, if I ever get my sanity back and think straight again, please use me like You have used others in my life.” Just as Psalm 107:20 says, “He sends forth His word and heals them and rescues them from the pit of destruction,”

God brought healing to my soul and turned my life around. I had to first acknowledge my sin, then find out where I had allowed substitutes for Him. I realized that all along, Jesus created us to know Him as our first love, whether we are married or not.

So, after a seven year journey, I began to find my identity in Christ. God was redeeming my life! As a divorced woman, I wondered if there was a man who could know everything about me, and still love me.

But God knew me, and He brought an incredible man into my life. We have no secrets and he still loves me. I used to say if God can heal me, He can heal anyone.

Not only did He save me from my “pit,” but He has used it to give my life a new purpose. God has blessed me with a man who completes and encourages me in the counseling I do with women. My husband and I both have a passion for marriage restoration, and we are blessed to get to walk with other couples as they travel through their healing journeys.

We have discovered that husbands and wives can actually partner with Christ and bring healing to each other’s emotional wounds. In the ministry God has given us, we have found that so many couples have no idea this is possible, much less believe they can experience it. God really does want to use all our pain and the restoration He gives to bring healing to others.

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