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To experience healing is to experience the loving kindness of Christ. As a recent graduate student of Marriage and Family Therapy, I’ve been able to witness how the healing of one person can, in turn, be a healing for others. With God, nothing is impossible, as says Luke 1:37.

So far in my work, I’ve had the opportunity to provide individual, group, couples, and family therapy in an intensive outpatient setting where I specialized in the treatment of eating disorders. A person’s battle with this disease is intense, yet sometimes unnoticed or misunderstood. However difficult it may be to admit that we or someone we love is struggling, the reality is that when one person suffers, it is not only their burden to carry. It affects those they love, too.

Although the process of recovery is both rewarding and challenging, being able to witness the healing power of God is truly a privilege. This is exactly the type of situation for God to use the right people at the right time to help a person grow towards recovery—physically, mentally, and spiritually. An authentic conversation, listening ear, and compassion reach far beyond we can see at first when we are supporting someone in a therapy setting. Sometimes, one doesn’t know the impact of a few sessions until much later, when a client reports back.

It gives me joy to know of a client’s progress toward healing! It is a blessing that God would have me be involved in any part of their journey, and especially to hear of their subsequent recovery. To be able to reach out open hands and listening ears, and walk for a little while with a person toward hope and healing is a very powerful gift to experience.

Growth out of a dark place is possible with our God, and I look forward to seeing what more He has in store for me and my clients!

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    March 11, 2020 at 3:22 pm

    Hi, Nice to know their is a christian approach to this illness. Would like to get in touch with you. Thank you

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