Loving Your Neighbor Overcoming Obstacles


I live with pain every day of my life, and yet my schedule is packed full. If I’m not helping a young mom, I’m running errands with a vision impaired friend, or sending cards of encouragement.

People ask, “How do you keep going when you have so much pain?” I tell them if I stop, I will give up. I do fight discouragement because of my pain and limitations. Some days, I feel useless. But God gives me strength to press on. Any good I do or happiness I give to others is only because of God’s grace.

I suffer from severe arthritis throughout my body. Chronic pain is hard, but it has made me a more caring, compassionate, and praying person. I’ve also learned there is more to Kingdom building than physical work.

Every morning, I send out a large group text with an inspiring message and then pray about who might need a special word. When someone is on my heart, I send a specialized message. Often, they respond with, “That is exactly what I needed.” A day a week, I am the eyes of a friend who is losing her vision—I take her on errands, do her mending, or we just sit and play Quiddler. Throughout the week, I stop by some homes to give the moms a break. I entertain the children, cap strawberries, or do whatever jobs can be done sitting down. People know they can come and talk, and I have the time to give them a listening ear. Sometimes I say, “I commit to praying every hour for you.” I’m a firm believer in prayer!

I love to send or deliver flowers to let others know they are cared about and appreciated. One day during Covid, I was on a scooter at Walmart with flowers on my lap. “Those are beautiful,” a shopper commented. I felt the Lord saying, “Buy those flowers for her.” I went back and said, “Would you take this $10 bill and buy these flowers and put them on your table at home?” The woman hugged me and started crying and sharing.

Everyone is hurting and grieving something; I know what helps me when I’m in pain and discouraged, and I want to do the same for others. At the end of day, I’m worn out, but I can say it’s been a good day because I made someone smile and lifted someone’s load. All glory to God!

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    September 1, 2022 at 8:46 am

    Thank you for the work you are doing for the Lord.do encouraging

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