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To some Christians, how we are to go about loving like Jesus is a mystery. It seems like a massive task that we will never perfect. Some are worried they don’t do it right and others are concerned they won’t do it enough.

As for me, a thirty-year Christian, I agree on both counts. We will never get it completely right and we will never do it enough this side of Heaven. As Matthew 5:16 reminds us, we are to let our good deeds shine so that those around us see it and glorify God as a result.

While I am not perfect, I can say I accomplish showing love for Jesus through living out The Word. Not just talking about it and memorizing it, but doing it in such a way that others give recognition to the fact that my heart belongs to the Triune-God of the Bible.

I text people randomly saying things like, “Hey, how can I pray for you today?” and “I want you to know I think you are a great addition to the youth leadership team.” Nothing fancy, no fanfare, just a quick note to offer prayer, uplift and encourage. In a world burdened with tension, economic uncertainty and pressures from all sides, those unexpected notes, letting us know someone is thinking about us, are very needed. It’s no wonder the Bible is filled with passages about being encouraged and encouraging each other, like Hebrews 10:24-25, Psalm 31:24 and Psalm 121:1-2.

One of my favorite memories involves helping a lady friend whose vehicle needed some TLC. She didn’t have the finances to take care of it all. I let her know that I’d contact my men’s Bible study group. The guys all chipped in to not only pay for her oil change and tires, but we also made sure her worn brakes and almost-non-functioning headlights were replaced. Then, we had the car delivered to her front door. She was overwhelmed and very appreciative.

This is the stuff that warms my heart and, more importantly, is a testament to a lost world that Jesus and the effect He has on our hearts, is real!

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