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I didn’t become a believer until I was an adult. I always believed there was a God, but the idea of Jesus dying for me was foreign. A couple of friends from work pestered me incessantly to go to church with them, and one night, I finally did. I heard about Jesus and what He did on the cross, and remember repeating, “Jesus died for ME” hundreds of times. As it sunk in, I became more and more in awe of what He did and decided to give my life to Him.

I’ve made wonderful friends through my church, and been given the opportunity to give back to my community as an outpouring of God’s love.

I run our church’s homeless ministry which acts as a mobile food kitchen—preparing, packaging, and serving food once a month. We travel to multiple locations near our church and serve meals to those needing some help.

One of my favorite experiences with the ministry involved a man and a woman I had never seen before. They came up to a friend and me and asked for prayer, and then the woman said all she needed was a pair of black sneakers so she could get back to work. The car they were living in also had been towed, so they were on the streets until they could get the money needed to get their car back. My friend and I drove them to a nearby shoe store and while we helped them pick out sneakers, we were able to tell them about Jesus and how He loves them more than they will know.

As we all piled back into the car, the couple told us that they believe in God because of people like us. I was able to explain to them that this love and service isn’t coming from me, but it’s God’s love outpouring through my life. I thanked them and God for the opportunity to love, serve, and share the Gospel.

Even before I was a believer, I always felt like God was pulling me toward Him, but something held me back. I am eternally grateful for the Lord’s grace and my friends’ persistence which led me to open my heart to the Lord.

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    joann ashley
    January 10, 2018 at 1:52 pm

    praise god and thank god for you.

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