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I am a transplant patient. So there are many days I feel weak or tired. This could give me a great excuse not to do much, but God has been too good for me to sit still! I absolutely love my church and I dedicate so much of my time to helping wherever there is a need. You might call me a “Jill Of All Trades.” There is so much to be done to spread the love of God! I help organize rummage sales, give tours of the daycare, greet visitors to our church, pray with people at the altar and cook for church dinners. I love to volunteer because God has placed it on my heart to serve. Every ministry I am a part of yields fruit because God is in it. I do not want to be in the spotlight; rather I want God to be glorified through me. I wasn’t always a good person. I come from the world of drugs and alcohol. I was very much a part of the “party scene.” But God delivered me out of a dark place. I give Him all the glory and honor. I try to show as many people as possible the hope that I have found in Jesus. Sometimes when I give a tour of the church daycare, I feel the urge to pray with people. The presence of the Lord can sweep in and touch anyone, anywhere at any time. I thank God that He has used me in many ways to help bring people into the body of Christ. I remain sensitive to His voice. I know that I will be blessed for my efforts, and that my reward is in Heaven.

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    cordelia carelse
    October 20, 2020 at 12:40 pm

    You are doing an amazing job. Bless you

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