Labor Special Needs


In the 70’s, I worked for a telephone call center that would call and check on blind and disabled people, to make sure they were okay. When I would talk with them, one thing kept coming up over and over again: they didn’t have enough help for their everyday activities.

So, I felt a nudge from the Holy Spirit. I started looking for volunteers to run errands for the disabled, to get them out of their homes just to go shopping or take them to recreational activities. To read their mail, fill out paperwork, and take them to medical appointments.

The need was overwhelming. I started this with my own money, but somehow God provided the funds and the volunteers. And they loved how they were able to help.

It grew into a nonprofit called Helping Hands for the Disabled of NYC. We serve all five boroughs. We now have an Action Line where disabled people can call, tell us their immediate problem and we try to come up with a solution for them. I even wrote a book, Never Be Discouraged With God All Things Are Possible. We are not a religious organization but I definitely started this because I’m a born-again Christian.

And I saw the need because I, too, am blind.

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