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Only about 2.3% of India, one of the most populated countries in the world, is Christian. Unfortunately, Christians in India face many challenges and persecution, and Banka Kranthi, 27, is no exception.

Banka was born and raised in Baranipadu, in the district of Khammam in the region of Vemsoor. As a child, his father preached the Gospel, so the Word of God and fear of the Lord was put into his heart at an early age. His father often set out on preaching missions, and through his father’s actions, Banka was able to see the true love of Christ.

Banka’s childhood exhibits the importance of parents raising their children in the “way they should go” according to Proverbs 22:6. When his father preached by foot, Banka was able to preserve whatever devotion was preached that day into his heart and mind, and he has never lost it. Moreover, because of his father’s teachings, he lived a clean life. Despite social pressure around him, he never fell into trouble, and he devoted himself to God daily.

Of course, India is a multi-faith community, with Hinduism as its most prominent religion. According to the caste system, which still plays a role in India, Christians are perceived as inferior in many ways. Further, though secularism is emphasized, there has been a recent rise in persecution toward Christians, including mockery and physical attacks. In fact, India currently ranks as the 11th worst country to live in terms of Christian persecution. On top of these attacks, his people are often lacking basic necessities, so he has to have great faith to get through each day.

Despite these struggles, Banka’s faith in Jesus Christ conquers all. His team has built three churches, baptized more than one hundred people, and they have 20 evangelists visiting and strengthening churches. Every Sunday, 300 worship Jesus together in three churches.

Banka’s work is an exemplification of faith in action, and he received this power of faith through his father. Now, he is passing this message of faith to anyone he can. His favorite verse is Philippians 4:13, a reminder that he can do all things through Christ who strengthens him.

As persecution rises around him, Banka will never give up. He boldly states, “No matter what happens, I will preach until my last breath.”

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