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When you see something as a young child, it can have an amazing influence on the rest of your life. Growing up, I watched my grandparents as they cared for their special needs son—my uncle. They took care of him well into his adult years. My grandparents gave him a wonderful life, and I learned a lot from their example of Christ’s love to my uncle.

When it  was time for me to enter college, I knew I wanted to be a teacher. A frustrating semester as a social studies education major was all it took for me to realize I needed something different. I looked through a catalog of other majors and came across “special education.” I remembered the example of my grandparents with my uncle, and knew I had found God’s calling for my life. I changed my major to special education and never looked back.

Now, I work at a Christian university as an advisor and academic coach for students with special needs and learning disabilities. This is my ministry. I have been able to share the love of Christ and the Gospel with my students. I have seen God work in lives as my students persevere for their degrees, despite disabilities and adversity.

I have Bible verses posted around my office, and God has given me the opportunity to be there for countless students through both academic and personal struggles. Bible verses, such as Philippians 4:13; Proverbs 3:5-6; and Isaiah 26:3, keep me focused on my life’s purpose. They remind me it is only in the center of God’s will that we can find true peace and joy.

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