Labor Verbalizing the Gospel


Several years ago, an opportunity landed in our laps to start our own business. The steps leading to this seemed like it was divine intervention. But I was still full of anxiety because I had never run my own company. I called various banks to discuss a small business loan to get things rolling, and after meeting with several that didn’t seem quite right, I met with the guy who would become our banker.

We talked at length about the business and life in general. Then he walked me to my car and asked, “Greg, I’m really not supposed to ask this, but do you believe in God?” When I answered yes, he was visibly relieved and asked if he could pray with me. In the middle of the bank parking lot, he laid his hands on me, and prayed. When he had finished, he looked up and said the Lord had some very special plans for me and this business.

In the years since, the Lord has been very faithful in making our business grow in ways we never imagined. Even more importantly, every day I am meeting with potential clients and employees who recognize my relationship with God. They ask me to pray with and for them, and I am happy to oblige. I can’t recall the number of times I have had opportunities to share about the love of Jesus with people through my work.

And I’m in the compost business!

Recently, our largest client decided not to renew our contract because of a change in their business philosophy. This was like an earthquake running through our life. Things were going along so smoothly—business was good, we had just bought our dream house and we were ministering to many at our church and through our business. And then bang! It looked like it all might fall apart.

But God had other plans. With the release of this contract, our business has a unique opportunity to grow in new ways because we now have this new capacity. The Lord blessed even this setback. And He expanded our number of clients so I have even more opportunities to share the love of Christ. It’s remarkable.

Honestly, most days I just sit in amazement at all the Lord continues to do through me and this business.

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