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Have you ever had a “lightbulb” moment? For me, these moments literally have a golden glow about them in my memories. These are the moments I know are from God. These moments are where He lights the path and leads the way.

The Olive Press, my business born out of a “lightbulb” moment, has its own kind of glow. This is the kind of glow you can feel as soon as you walk in the door, and it’s because of the people. This kind of glow is the kind that only comes from Jesus changing your life. And in His grace, He has grown The Olive Press to be a vessel for that change.

As a rule, The Olive Press hires exclusively women who need us. Women who come to us from addiction, abuse and even prison. We provide them with a work environment committed to Christ and to new life. We begin each morning with a devotional, stopping at any second in our jam-packed days to answer questions about Jesus or to pray with one another. We play worship music all day long. We show them that restoration is simply what God does. Who He is.

This business started as an Etsy shop with seven listings, and one wholesale customer. Now, by the goodness of God, we exist as a storefront, an Etsy shop with over 1000 listings, and 100+ wholesale customers. We are able to support not only our beautiful employees but other local ministries as well. Portions of profits go to aid victims of sex trafficking and purchase essential supplies for those in our area with no home of their own. All of this within only a few years.

Over and over, we see Jesus working miracles and turning lives around. Fines are anonymously paid. Addictions are overcome. Employees become sisters in Christ.

An olive press works by pressing the olives to get rich, smooth oil. Similarly, everything at The Olive Press is also made by “press” (digital, heat or screen-printing). That includes the people. Through this business, everyone involved is pressed closer to Jesus. Pressed more into His image.  He is a God of new beginnings, and He is good.

And yes, because everyone asks, we do sell olive oil!

If you would like to support The Olive Press, check out our Etsy shop, or drive down to Elvis country and come see us!

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