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For several years, I battled an eating disorder that consumed my days. I was dieting or binging, and always hating who I was. One day, I promised a friend that I would come and serve the homeless with her, since I’ve always had a desire to help the homeless. Instead of going with her, I went to the beach, crying and feeling sorry for myself. I texted her to let her know I could not make it because of how sad I was. She replied, “Come down here and shine the light that God has placed inside you.” I consented. On the way down, I hated who I was and believed I had nothing to offer to anyone on those streets. However, when I arrived, everything shifted. I loved being there. I had a moment when I decided to dedicate my time there every week. After a few months, I felt God telling me to use my gift of cutting hair to bless those on the streets. So we built a haircutting ministry that services the homeless each month. We also started hosting events where we would have people using their gifts in cooking, chiropractic, massages, and much more to bless the homeless. Then I felt Him say bless the children, so we began a birthday ministry for the kids on the streets to celebrate them. We let them know that they are seen and loved, even when their parents could not afford to celebrate. Last year, I was voted as President of the organization to one day build a program that can help them officially get off the streets. We’ve been able to make such an impact the past few years, not only for the homeless, but also for those who serve them and for those who watch what we do. I look back at the person who arrived on the scene of Streets of Hope. A broken, young woman who believed she had absolutely nothing to offer. God showed me someone else. I did not have to be perfect to step into my calling. He asked for obedience to move, and so when God said to move, that’s all I did.

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    cordelia carelse
    October 20, 2020 at 12:35 pm

    wow , very inspirational. May God bless your ministry

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