I’m nine weeks pregnant, and it is tough. It’s not just the sloth-like tiredness, constant nausea, or the treacherous vomiting. It’s especially difficult because I am so afraid of having another miscarriage. The other day, my husband brought home a maternity shirt, which was so thoughtful of him (and the shirt was surprisingly cute), but I was unable to fully enjoy it because I was afraid of losing this baby. The questions, “will I get to wear this shirt” and “will I remain pregnant”, kept running through my mind. We heard about our church’s Holy Spirit Conference and decided to attend despite our skepticism. We were really curious about this part of our faith that we hadn’t really exercised. The coolest thing happened—we experienced the Holy Spirit in such a personal way. Before we went, I begged God to reassure me everything was going to be okay with this baby. I asked the Holy Spirit to send someone to pray for me who didn’t know my situation. Then, while we were worshiping, a leader in the church came up to my husband and me and asked if he could pray for us. We said, “yes”. He asked my husband to put his hand on my stomach and he began to pray for our pregnancy. He also prayed against all fear and anger. I was astounded by this real and instant answer to prayer. The moment he prayed, I was filled with an overwhelming peace that I have never experienced. The leader who prayed with us asked, “what are you feeling right now?”, and with teary eyes, I told him we’d been trying to have a baby for two years, and just this week had found out we were pregnant. He was so excited that he prayed again! I discovered when you’re bold with Jesus, He answers prayers. Jesus showed me His love in such an unforgettable way. I continue to look back at this and remind myself of Jesus’ outpouring of love for us and our baby. Now, when I start to feel fear or doubt creep in, I remember how much He loves me, all because of this experience. Perfect love casts out all fear. It’s funny how quickly I, and probably most of us, forget how faithful God is, but He loves us all on such a deep personal level.

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