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My husband and I had finally finished the paperwork to adopt an American child. We discussed what we should do before becoming new parents. I had previously gone on several mission trips, and we decided to experience this together. Our church youth group was going to Haiti about six months after the massive 2010 earthquake. We had no practical or medical skills that could meet their needs but God was prompting us to go.

I asked my husband, “What if our little boy is in Haiti?” But we both knew that would be crazy because we were prepared for a domestic adoption.

On the first day of the trip, my eyes locked on a beautiful little boy, Izaiah. I can’t explain it but I loved him immediately. He had tragically lost both his parents as an infant. We were told it would be impossible to adopt him since adoption of Haitian children had been completely closed because of the recent earthquake.

But I loved him like my son, and so did my husband. God began making a way for us to move forward with pursuing the adoption of Izaiah. Doors started to open.

But the journey was not without unbelievable trials. Paperwork that was supposed to be completed months prior had not been done. Numerous challenges came up that stalled the adoption. We wanted to preserve the special bond we had built with Izaiah so we thought I should stay in Haiti until the adoption was finalized. I ended up staying at the orphanage with Izaiah for one year and nine months. My husband went home for work and would visit us as often as possible.

Living in Haiti changed me as a person and as a Christian. Many of the orphans in Haiti have living parents but are simply too poor to provide for them, and the children end up in orphanages. We learned one of the best ways to help is to support local businesses. We have invested by buying directly from Haitian coffee farmers. Our purchases allow these farmers to stay in business and provide for their families.

Simply by being strategic with our purchases, we are strengthening families and participating in orphan prevention. Our friends know us for our great coffee and for our special son, Izaiah, who stole our hearts on what was supposed to be a “short-term” mission trip to Haiti.

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    Luis Tellez
    March 29, 2018 at 11:31 am

    What a beautiful story of a couple and their great love for their son….I can see why both of you fell in love with this beautiful little boy with such a beautiful name!
    May the Lord bless him and his parents and may He also bless the Haitian children, businesses and people of Haiti.

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    Cindy Simeno
    April 24, 2019 at 4:59 pm

    How do you buy coffee ?

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    Simon Tan ?
    April 13, 2020 at 10:21 pm

    I was very touched by your sharing. You are a beacon of hope in this cynical world filled with greed and consumerism. You chose to covet love and one that is sustaining and enriching. Your husband and you will be richly blessed and I am sure Izaiah will benefit from your Christian values and teachings. May Jesus bestow all of you with true love, fortitude in adversity and resilience in the days ahead.

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