• Children Overcoming Obstacles Prayer


    When my husband and I found out I was pregnant, we were so excited that our prayers had been answered. It wasn’t until our 20-week anatomy scan that we found out our baby boy had a kidney disease. We discovered he had a multicystic dysplastic kidney, meaning he only had one functioning kidney. This required us to have ultrasounds every month to measure the growth of his right kidney and make sure his left kidney was still functioning. This was a difficult process for both my husband and me. All we could do was lean on God and trust in His… Read More

  • Children Overcoming Obstacles


    It’s amazing how we can plan out everything in our lives to the smallest of details. But so often, everything we planned can evaporate in just one day or a single moment. Our wedding day was scheduled for October, but Uncle Sam had a different plan. On July 31st, Duane was drafted into the military and was deployed to Vietnam. We were reeling and wondering, now what? We got in our car and drove from Minnesota to Milbank, South Dakota where we found someone to open the courthouse since it was a Saturday and it was closed. We were able to get… Read More

  • Children Prayer


    When we first married, I was on birth control but because of persistent headaches, I had to stop. We felt this must be God’s timing for having a baby. Seth even had a dream that we would have twins. We laughed it off that maybe we would since twins ran in my side of the family. After about six or eight weeks, twins were confirmed. Just thinking about it was daunting but we were also excited. Thankfully, everything went smoothly, except for lots of morning sickness, which was to be expected. Amazingly, our beautiful girls came at 37 weeks (full-term) and… Read More

  • Children Mission Work


    When I was a little girl of only nine, I learned what it means to be an orphan. From then to sixteen, I prayed each night for God to make it possible for me to work in an orphanage someday. At some point, I forgot about that prayer; however, God did not forget. In 1985, my husband and I lived in High Springs, Florida. One evening, we were watching the show World Relief, and they were featuring Honduras. As the cameraman panned out, we could see a tiny baby lying on the steps of the capital. Crying and malnourished to the… Read More

  • Children Food Loss Of Loved One


    My grandson, Sam, died last year when his moped was struck by an oncoming vehicle. I was completely devastated. But I have found a very unique, and healing, way to honor his memory. Sam was a high school sophomore, and he and his buddies would sometimes go out for breakfast to a local diner before school. When we were talking one day, Sam told me, “The diner’s food has nothing on you, Grandma. You make the best breakfast.” So I casually said, “Why don’t you come to my house with your friends sometime and I’ll make them breakfast.” He loved the idea… Read More

  • Children Hospital Overcoming Obstacles


    When I was pregnant with my fifth child, my pregnancy for the most part seemed to go normally. I didn’t gain more weight than usual and although I was extra tired, it still wasn’t so much that it felt out of the ordinary. When it came time to give birth, we anticipated a standard delivery. The pregnancy was largely uneventful. Until later. After our daughter was born, I wanted to go home right away so our new baby could meet all her sisters and I could sleep in my own bed. Due to complications with excessive bleeding, that was not an option.… Read More

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