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The Lord has placed orphans on my heart since I was a little girl. I remember worrying about children my age who didn’t have families to love them or food to fill their stomachs. It bothered me, and the compassion towards orphans and people from low income families has continued to grow in my heart in astounding ways. My husband, Matt, has been passionate about orphan care since our first year of marriage. God worked powerfully in the church we attended that year by leading ordinary sinners like us to take care of orphans, widows, and underprivileged people of all ages. The hurt on their faces and the hopelessness they faced was like something we had never seen or experienced before. That stuck. We won’t forget it, nor do we want to forget it. Jesus calls us to take care of orphans, widows, and the poor. It is hard to know what that looks like sometimes when most people are busy working full time, raising kids, balancing activities, and trying to keep heads above water. But we only live on this Earth once, and there are so many people out there who need God’s love. All of these facts and feelings led us to our decision to adopt a baby. We felt like the Lord was shouting from the rooftops when He answered our prayers of what to do about beginning a family. It was more than obvious to us that He was directing us down this path, and there was no turning back, and we are so very thankful for that! Our hearts have been preparing for this adoption of a child for much longer than we can imagine, and our prayers over the years have been answered. We are not saviors, nor are we “good” Christians. We are broken sinners who Jesus has saved and rescued time and time again. He is just using us to love, raise, nourish, and support a beautiful baby who He has created. We can’t wait to lavish the Lord’s love over this baby, and hope that this adoption will lead us towards other ways to support and love people from all backgrounds. We are thankful for this beautiful, messy adventure that God has put us on.

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    John Buckley
    March 16, 2018 at 4:46 am

    Beautiful … a Biblical view of adoption. You are the best for your child … adoption is a gift. We have birth and adopted children and they are loved the same … they are both valid ways of being a family member.

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    Barry Copeland
    March 31, 2021 at 4:19 pm

    Let’s remember too, and be grateful for, the families who foster these babies from birth until the day of adoption into new families. All are part of a Godly network of support for these amazing children!

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