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I lost my baby girl when she was just three days old. I think about her every day and I have for 44 years. When it happened, there weren’t a lot of people I could reach out to, and hospitals weren’t really equipped to help you deal with the grief and how to say goodbye. I relied on my Christian faith to get me through those very difficult days.

Unfortunately, this kind of heartbreak happens a lot more frequently than people realize. So about six years ago, I wanted to do something for parents that were experiencing this pain. To help them in any small way to make parting with their baby just a little less painful.

So I started taking donated wedding dresses, cutting them up and making gowns for infants that pass away prematurely or right after birth. It’s something beautiful to put on the child for his or her burial. I did it for a friend that lost a child. And then another. There were a number of friends that heard about what I was doing, word started to spread and a couple friends joined me.

People began donating their wedding dresses to us, and we made quite a few of these infant gowns. We packaged them in a nice box and included a crochet blanket, a hat, booties and a vest for baby boys. We also put a Mommy and Me bracelet set in each box along with a scripture verse and prayer card.

We formed relationships with hospitals and funeral homes, and gave them a supply so they would have these whenever they were needed. We call our ministry Angel Wings of Love. We now have five women who volunteer to sew the gowns and about 25 to crochet the hats, booties and blankets. Our hearts hurt for these parents, and we want to show Christ’s love in a quiet, humble way.

If you know someone in need of a gown set, please send us a message on our Angel Wings of Love page on Facebook or call (757) 286-5493

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    Angela Cooper
    April 6, 2022 at 8:54 am

    Angle Wings of Love, touched my heart to the core! Only through your own loss, could you truly grasp what a Mother has gone through, in losing their beloved baby, that they carried for so many months! How touching this story truly is! Thank you ladies for what you are doing – through your own grief, you are relieving that of others! God Love YOU & Bless YOU for this beautiful gift of LOVE that you are doing for so many!

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