Adoption/Foster Care Children


I understand how important a loving, stable environment is to the well-being of a child. I grew up with parents who were continually trying to figure out their marriage and careers. Because of that, I was often left alone.

Except during summer! The excitement and anticipation grew throughout the end of the school year, knowing that I would soon board the plane that connected me to my grandmother’s world; a world of consistency, encouragement, and fun! As I grew older each year, the excitement of those months never diminished. I still cannot wait for the time to come to visit Grammy with my husband and two teenage children every year. In the chaos of my childhood, my grandmother laid a solid foundation for much of who I am today. As a mother, it is a joy to see my own children growing up with an environment that allows each of them to safely and successfully grow into adulthood.

As an individual who has overcome an unstable childhood, I have always desired to provide for children with similar situations as my own through fostering. Because of certain circumstances, my family and I are not able to provide this ministry in our own home. God has led us to a church that sees fostering and adopting children as important. I have several friends who do just that.

After obtaining my certification to babysit children placed in foster care, I am able to love on and help care for the children my friends and church family are providing a more stable environment to. I run errands, cook meals, help with homework, babysit, and anything else that will help my friends and the children they have been blessed to care for. Even though I am not able to foster myself, God is allowing me to play a part in giving the children I spend time with His love, encouragement, and fun. Just like my grandmother did for me so many years ago.

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