Feeling trapped and scared with an unplanned pregnancy, I entered the abortion clinic resolute in my decision that it was not the right time for me to have a baby. Just weeks away from graduating with a nursing degree, I was eager to start my career and decided to “fix” my problem secretly without disappointing my Catholic parents.

I left the clinic feeling relief. Now I could get on with my life. But that abortion wrecked me. Scarred emotionally and spiritually, I was wounded internally by a sin that changed my whole identity.

Efforts to continue suppressing my shame and guilt failed when my husband and I welcomed our first child five years later. I hit rock bottom with post-partum depression that I perceived to be God’s punishment.

The truth that my Heavenly Father loved me and longed to forgive me was revealed through my sister. She shared the gospel, including Psalm 103 that declares God removes our sin and remembers it no more. I accepted Christ as my savior and was once again changed, this time enjoying the peace and freedom that comes from living in redemption.

An invitation to tell my story in church was a difficult first step on my journey to help others confront the lies surrounding abortion. I have since shared my story nationally through Focus on the Family and whenever I have opportunity.

I started volunteering at a Pregnancy Resource Center, using my nursing skills to do ultrasounds before becoming the director of post-abortion support at our organization of 13 centers in two Midwestern states.

I am also the director for a regional Deeper Still abortion healing chapter. Deeper Still retreats are offered at no cost in a safe and confidential environment. Deeper Still is a national ministry with 24 chapters that bring lifelong healing, hope, and freedom to women and men who have been directly impacted by abortion.

The ministry is anchored by Isaiah 61: 1-3, which I have personally experienced and seen exemplified in the lives of those who accept God’s forgiveness following an abortion. They are the mourning ones who are comforted and the brokenhearted set free as they replace their spirit of despair with a garment of praise. Thank you, Jesus, for bringing beauty from ashes!

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