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I’ve always felt a pull toward Africa. In my twenties, I was so moved by God’s love for the poor that I felt compelled to act. I intended to start a children’s home in Nairobi, Kenya.

Kibera is the largest slum in Africa. The one-room homes have corrugated metal roofs, cardboard walls and dirt floors. Surveys report 98% of residents have witnessed a violent crime in the last year, and 66% of girls prostitute themselves for food before age 16.

While there, a team of us went door-to-door and asked hundreds of mothers, “If you could change one thing for your child, what would it be?” We anticipated answers such as move to a different community or secure a good-paying job to support my family. But we were wrong; every single mother said the same thing: get my child a good education.

My plan to start an orphanage changed to focusing on schools.

The Headmistress of a school in the slums identified hunger as the #1 issue. She explained how hard it was to have students complete standardized tests because they would cry due to hunger.

“How much would it cost to feed the 70 kids who don’t have food?” we asked. Her answer: $200 a month. Though we aren’t rich according to American standards, my husband and I immediately committed to paying this ourselves. God provided us with the means to do so, and this was the easiest “yes” we’d ever given.

All the teachers at this school were volunteers. Thanks to supportive donors, the teachers now receive the same wage as government-paid teachers in Kenya: $110 a month.

In January 2023, we built a children’s home and school in another impoverished area of Kenya. For 5th grade and beyond, boarding schools provide significantly better education. When students from Kibera reach 5th grade, they’ll have the opportunity to move out of the slums and attend this new boarding school. Though these efforts currently rely on financial support from the West, plans are in place for them to be fully self-sustaining long term.

Jesus has promised that one day there will be no more crying or pain. Until that day, may we be His vessels to bring hope, love, and the Good News to all the world.

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    Gay Dahl
    November 28, 2023 at 10:48 am

    Love what you are doing and how you followed His call to love on His children! Keep loving and serving His people! You matter!

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