Children Mentoring


I volunteer for a youth development program that helps girls of all backgrounds build self esteem, learn how to encourage others, combat bullying, and make healthy choices—all while training to run a 5K. As a pediatric ICU nurse, I’m around kids who can’t go outside and play games or practice for a 5K. Being involved in this program allows me to be a part of young girls’ lives as they learn and grow as a team, build lasting friendships and work with each other to achieve the day’s goals. At the end of the season, the girls aren’t the same as when they started. They’re good friends and better equipped to deal with “ups and downs” of life. They see themselves and others in a more positive light. And as an added bonus, they’re healthier too! Getting to be a part of this growth, watching them form friendships, and listening to them build each other up is such a blessing. I thank God for this program and pray for these girls daily.

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