• Food Homeless


    I have always had an internal struggle when it comes to reaching out to the homeless. I grew up in a suburban town in New Jersey and I didn't encounter many homeless people there. When I moved to Southern California to attend college, that quickly changed. Southern California has one of the largest homeless populations in the country. It broke my heart that there are people who are hungry and don't have a warm safe place to sleep at night. I wanted to help but I was warned by others not to give homeless people money--only food--because money might enable their addictions. But the few times I offered… Read More

  • Homeless Unique Ministries Verbalizing the Gospel


    It has always been my desire to find inexpensive, meaningful ways to get Bibles into the hands of people willing to take one. I became a Christian a little later in life, and reading scripture has had a deeply profound impact on my life. I went from not knowing about true unconditional love, grace, and acceptance, to experiencing all of these things and more through God's word. My desire now is for others to experience this as well. Since there are a lot of homeless people living near me, I thought it might be a cool place to start sharing God's love letter. The only barrier for me was cost. But… Read More

  • Homeless Loving Your Neighbor


    I started putting together love-on-the go bags about five years ago. I got inspired while driving and consistently being stopped at a certain street corner where homeless people ask for money or help. I would scrounge in my car to try to find anything to give--a water bottle, a power bar, or some spare change. But one day, I felt a nudge from the Holy Spirit to do more. After praying about this, I decided to put together ready-to-go bags with loving messages, hygiene products, first aid kits, socks, food and water. Now, I'm never empty-handed when passing or driving by someone… Read More

  • Children Homeless Labor


    It's amazing what God can do creating something glorious out of our ashes. I went through hell and back several years ago, losing my mom to brain cancer, then my dad to the same disease, and a month later, my grandpa to a freak accident. But, what I've learned out of these losses is that God is real. He is true. And His relationship with us is truly one-on-one. The only formula that dictates our relationship is the one that He designed. I also came to the humble realization that each person lives in his or her own struggles and… Read More

  • Food Homeless


    I battled a couple different types of cancer several years ago, and it sure underscored the limited amount of time we have here on earth. It also made me realize that I needed to give more of myself. One Sunday, I went down with a group of people to a men's homeless shelter to help serve dinner. And I was hooked. Now, a couple times a month, we not only help with the meal but also lead the guys in a worship service. We spend time with the men there. Let's face it, we are all flawed. We need to connect with others,… Read More

  • Homeless Loving Your Neighbor


    My wife has Alzheimer's, so every afternoon I drive her through the country and we talk about the "good old days." I'm trying to bring back any remnants of memories she has left. On our way to the country, we always pass the same homeless man on a downtown corner. One day, I decided to stop and talk to him, and now it's become part of our routine. Each time we see Rick, I give him a little money, and he always gives me something in return. The items he gives me aren't as impactful as the stories he tells me, and… Read More

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