• Church Activities Labor


    I love to serve and help others. A few years ago, I became the "Community Missions Coach" at my church. I wanted us to get involved in the schools around our area. I began looking for volunteers to help around the low income schools within our community. And now, we do yard clean-up, painting, washing the playground equipment and planting flowers. We've even purchased new trash cans to go in front of the school. Our focus is to support the school staff and help the students have a school they can be proud of, all in the name of Jesus.… Read More

  • Children Labor Prayer


    I work in the NICU at a large hospital in the heart of the city. When children are born with deficiencies, they are sent to my unit. It is here that I take their vitals, feed them, change them, give them medicine, and most importantly, love on them and pray for them each day. Some of these children have parents who stop by regularly, and some have parents that are out of the picture. I see both happy and sad situations as well as outcomes every day. Regardless of the circumstance, I treat each child as if he or she were my very… Read More

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