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    Since I was a high school senior, I had a dream of starting a youth center for teenagers. Even when people dismissed it, I knew that God had placed that dream on my heart. After I returned from Bible College to Sunbury, PA, my wife and I started a youth center called The Refuge. We wanted to create a safe and fun place for teenagers to go to after school, free of charge. In nine months, our youth center grew to about 50 teens coming in each week. We provided them with… Read More

  • Church Activities Senior Citizens Unique Ministries


    I was a pastor of the same church for over 50 years. In that time, we moved from a small store front property to a large building that sat 500 in the sanctuary. And we ended up filling every seat on more than one occasion. By the time I retired, the church had grown to where it had two services to meet the needs of the growing congregation. The Lord certainly did some amazing work while I was pastoring. Since retiring, though, I have found that the Lord has even more for me to do. My days aren't as full… Read More

  • Children Church Activities Unique Ministries


    It's so important that we pass on everything we have learned to our children. And that's because they are the future leaders. But can you imagine a bunch of leaders who do not have an education? I teach a Sunday school class of about 40 kids here in Ghana. The majority of them do not go to school at all and can't read or write. For that reason, it's hard to teach them Bible verses and English songs. It's sometimes hard to imagine what their future will be like with little or no education. This unfortunate situation makes me very sad. They… Read More

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    When she was six years old, my daughter, Erin, was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease: FSGS. Her disease causes her immune system to attack her kidneys, and slowly, they fail. She is nine now, and we remain hopeful and have faith that God is able to sustain her. But, it isn't always easy. When Erin was first diagnosed during one of her early hospital stays, a sweet child life therapist saw her struggling and feeling down. She asked Erin what she would do if she could do anything in the hospital that day. Erin told her she would like to… Read More

  • Overcoming Obstacles Recovery Unique Ministries


    It’s important for us as Christians to follow God’s whispers and to put our faith in Him no matter what obstacles we encounter. While attending my first Passion Conference in Atlanta as a high school senior, I learned about the End It Movement, which focuses on human trafficking. It was at this conference that God gave me a passion for educating others about the issue of modern day slavery. So, when I was a freshman in college, God laid it on my heart to lead a human trafficking awareness event at my school. Believing God wouldn't put something on my heart if He… Read More

  • Overcoming Obstacles Recovery Unique Ministries


    It is devastating to find out your husband is addicted to pornography, especially when he's in the ministry and you think you have a good marriage. We had been married 17 years, had three children and he was the worship pastor of our church when I found out that he had been secretly viewing pornography our entire marriage. And that sexual addiction had led to a string of sexual encounters. In the devastation of his exposure, I wondered what I should do. So much of my identity was in trying to be the perfect Christian, the good example, and working… Read More

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