• Hospital Overcoming Obstacles Verbalizing the Gospel


    One week before I surrendered my life to Christ, I was riding my motorcycle home from the gym late at night. Glancing at my phone for a text notification, I didn't see the truck halfway in my lane until it was too late. The collision at 60 mph left me unable to walk for three days, but by God's grace, I escaped with minimal harm. Exactly a week later, I attended a prayer meeting an hour away from home. Through the prayers of others, God supernaturally healed my legs, prompting me to commit my life to Jesus. Repentance, I realized, meant more… Read More

  • Children Hospital Overcoming Obstacles


    I didn’t feel like a mom. I had seen my baby for what felt like two seconds. When I saw her again, she had lines and tubes coming out everywhere, and I couldn’t even see her face under the CPAP mask. It would be nine days before I could hold her. I felt sick. With my stomach scarred from the cesarean, and my hands raw from “scrubbing in” to see her, I felt like my body had failed. My daughter was born at 28 weeks as a result of pre-eclampsia. We then spent 53 days in the NICU. She was my third pregnancy,… Read More

  • Hospital Overcoming Obstacles Unique Ministries


    I fought a long battle with skin cancer which has left me with significant scars on my face after several difficult surgeries. I was first diagnosed in the middle of the pandemic and right before Christmas. I had just left my doctor’s office and went to my church to drop off some Christmas gifts. As I entered the door, I unexpectedly broke down and started to cry, telling my friends who worked there I was just diagnosed with cancer. Immediately, they stopped what they were doing and began to pray over me. In that moment, I could feel God’s healing energy transferred… Read More

  • Hospital Overcoming Obstacles Prayer


    The story of Job resonates with me. He was put through some very difficult and gut-wrenching trials. But Job’s faith saw him through those times. I feel like I’m in a somewhat similar situation right now. I’m going through an excruciating cancer battle which has me wondering how long I may have on earth. And a number of family members are going through very hard struggles. I have three children. My oldest daughter has Huntington’s Disease which affects her nervous system; I’m seeing her life being taken away from her, and watching my granddaughter lose her mom. I promised my daughter that I would… Read More

  • Hospital Overcoming Obstacles Prayer


    On April 26, 2018, my wife had a life-threatening stroke. She was on bone-density pills which led to a blood vessel bursting in her brain. Prior to the stroke, she knew something was wrong with her health and felt I was poisoning her. I was not a perfect husband by any means, but I couldn’t understand why she thought this, and I felt our marriage was over at this point. In hindsight, the swollen vessel was causing her mental issues. What do you do when your spouse thinks you want them dead? She even had a blood test confirming there was no… Read More

  • Children Hospital Overcoming Obstacles


    When I was pregnant with my fifth child, my pregnancy for the most part seemed to go normally. I didn’t gain more weight than usual and although I was extra tired, it still wasn’t so much that it felt out of the ordinary. When it came time to give birth, we anticipated a standard delivery. The pregnancy was largely uneventful. Until later. After our daughter was born, I wanted to go home right away so our new baby could meet all her sisters and I could sleep in my own bed. Due to complications with excessive bleeding, that was not an option.… Read More

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