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  • Labor Unique Ministries


    The Lord has given me a passion for helping women and marriages that are on a journey of healing and restoration. Eighteen years ago, as a broken single mother with four children, I clung to Jesus. I could never praise Him enough for sending family and friends to walk with me through this very dark chapter of my life. They never condemned me. Words of wisdom, healing, love, encouragement and truth were like manna from heaven. As I experienced healing day by day, I began to cry out, "God, if I ever get my sanity back and think straight again, please… Read More

  • Mentoring Unique Ministries


    I fought off becoming a Young Life leader most of college, but after graduating and returning home, my heart changed; I began to appreciate that Young Life truly goes where the teens are. Young Life teaches its leaders to listen, invest time, and hopefully earn the right to speak about Jesus' love and the truth of God's Word. I'll never forget my very first meeting as a volunteer---this young girl marched right up to me and introduced herself. I could see right away that though she was young, she had an old soul, and in that moment, I knew our relationship… Read More

  • Homeless Unique Ministries Verbalizing the Gospel


    It has always been my desire to find inexpensive, meaningful ways to get Bibles into the hands of people willing to take one. I became a Christian a little later in life, and reading scripture has had a deeply profound impact on my life. I went from not knowing about true unconditional love, grace, and acceptance, to experiencing all of these things and more through God's word. My desire now is for others to experience this as well. Since there are a lot of homeless people living near me, I thought it might be a cool place to start sharing God's love letter. The only barrier for me was cost. But… Read More

  • Recovery Unique Ministries


    I have been fighting sex trafficking in Boston for the past eight years. My exposure to this horror began in college. I heard a presentation from the founder of "Not for Sale" about modern day slavery and human trafficking. I couldn't believe how much was happening right here in the United States. I was shocked and horrified. I heard a clear calling from the Lord to get involved somehow. I began an internship and naively thought all I needed to do is tell everyone, and then it would stop. I soon realized human trafficking is overwhelmingly complicated. I encountered my… Read More

  • Loving Your Neighbor Unique Ministries


    I have always had a passion for animals, and knew I had to get involved when I came across two huskies belonging to a young Marine on a Facebook group I follow. The group is for men and women that get deployed and need to find a temporary home for their animals while they're serving. The foster family he lined up had fallen through, and he was going to have to give up his beloved dogs while he was serving overseas for a year. I could only imagine the devastation he was feeling. My husband and I talked it over and decided… Read More

  • Unique Ministries


    It all started in a trash dump called La Chureca in Managua, Nicaragua. It was the largest landfill in Central America. There, about 1500 people lived and worked everyday picking up recyclables, in horrific conditions. Large families were living in small tarp houses with dirt floors in the middle of mountains of trash. Children were huffing glue to fight hunger, and the smoke from the burning trash lowered their life expectancy every day. It was right there in La Chureca I felt Jesus' love and desire to give. The idea was simple---take portraits of families, print them, and give them… Read More

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