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    It all started in a trash dump called La Chureca in Managua, Nicaragua. It was the largest landfill in Central America. There, about 1500 people lived and worked everyday picking up recyclables, in horrific conditions. Large families were living in small tarp houses with dirt floors in the middle of mountains of trash. Children were huffing glue to fight hunger, and the smoke from the burning trash lowered their life expectancy every day. It was right there in La Chureca I felt Jesus' love and desire to give. The idea was simple---take portraits of families, print them, and give them… Read More

  • Children Unique Ministries


    I am a retired florist, but I still love working and being as active as I can. It helps me feel purpose to "give back" to others. I began asking the Lord what my retirement years should look like--how I could continue to honor Him with my gifts and talents. My church has "adopted" a local school in our community that we serve in many ways: furnishing backpacks, handing out food, supplying coats for the winter. One thing that interested me was reading with children who are behind at school and don't have parents heavily involved in their lives. We… Read More

  • Loving Your Neighbor Unique Ministries


    The Bible says love your neighbor as yourself, but what does it actually mean? How do we actually love our neighbors as ourselves? I began praying and asking the Lord to show what it looked like for me. He showed me several ways that we could love our neighbors. My children and I made goody bags filled with candy, scripture cards, candles, hand soaps, and homemade goods to pass out for Valentines Day, Easter (which also would include a Bible), Summer, Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Our children looked so forward to making these bags and passing them out in the evenings.… Read More

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