Verbalizing the Gospel

  • Loss Of Loved One Mentoring Verbalizing the Gospel


    We lost our son in 2005. He was just 20 years old. He was shot by his roommate as he was coming over to our house to celebrate Father's Day. He had recently graduated from a drug rehab program. But like so many young people afflicted with this disease, he couldn't break away from his old "friends." We have no idea why he was killed, and we still struggle, every day. You're never the same once you lose a child. It changes the way you live, it changes everything. But seeing how God has worked in our lives and in the life of… Read More

  • Homeless Unique Ministries Verbalizing the Gospel


    It has always been my desire to find inexpensive, meaningful ways to get Bibles into the hands of people willing to take one. I became a Christian a little later in life, and reading scripture has had a deeply profound impact on my life. I went from not knowing about true unconditional love, grace, and acceptance, to experiencing all of these things and more through God's word. My desire now is for others to experience this as well. Since there are a lot of homeless people living near me, I thought it might be a cool place to start sharing God's love letter. The only barrier for me was cost. But… Read More

  • Labor Verbalizing the Gospel


    Indonesia 2014. I was on a tiny island on a mind-blowing surfing trip, and there I felt God awaken my heart to something new. No cell service or wi-fi was accessible for miles. All safety nets were gone, but I felt free, completely free. This trip was like nothing I had ever experienced. A few months later, I injured my back, and couldn't do anything physical. I was in chronic nerve pain for three months, which felt like a prison. This was one of the most difficult seasons of my life, yet I experienced a new sense of freedom in… Read More

  • Loss Of Loved One Verbalizing the Gospel


    I am a New Yorker, a painter, a wife, a soon-to-be mother and a sister who recently lost a sibling. Growing up, I was the youngest of five in my strong Italian-American family. We lost our brother, Matt, in the summer of 2015 to addiction. He was forty-eight. When I think of Matt, I tell everyone he was the smartest of us all, but more importantly he was loving, kind, caring and really funny. During his funeral, friends from everywhere flocked to comfort our family. They told of how his humor and love impacted their lives in such positive ways. It's… Read More

  • Verbalizing the Gospel


    One afternoon, I was leaving the grocery store after running some errands and outside in the parking lot, I see a horrible scene unfold. As I walk toward my car, I see a man violently raging against this woman. He is winding his arms back ready to do some damage, but right then, with Hulk-like force, he shoves her out of his car. She hits the ground hard, back first. He drives off as quickly as his temper flares. I feel utter shock and dismay by this savage scene, but also prompted by the Holy Spirit to intervene. I… Read More

  • Verbalizing the Gospel


    We are living in such tumultuous times, politically and spiritually. We live and work in a world that needs Jesus. I want to be someone who shows Christ's love so that people may know our Heavenly Father is THE living Savior. Right now, it seems our country is becoming so insular and fearful. It's as if we are all hiding in our own communities, instead of building bridges and connecting people who don't think the way we think, or believe the way we believe. This year, I have been participating in a weekly Bible study with my fellow Christian coworkers during… Read More

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