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  • Labor Verbalizing the Gospel


    I run a small pet grooming business. Sometimes, it's difficult to compete against huge corporations, but somehow God provides for me in the most intimate of ways. I still have concerns about the business, but even when I'm not sure He's looking, He lets me know He sees me. The other day I experienced a mini-miracle. One of my employees, who has become a good friend and has been working with me for nearly six years, decided to put in his two-weeks notice. I felt very discouraged but within the hour, my shop phone was ringing and a new groomer… Read More

  • Labor Senior Citizens Verbalizing the Gospel


    I was an electrician for the first part of my career but in 2000, I injured my back and had to undergo major surgery. The surgeon told me I would need to find a new line of work. You have a lot of time to think when you're laying in a hospital bed and I started praying about what God wanted me to do now that I had to make a career change. It's amazing how you can "hear" God when you are quiet. He spoke to me, saying I needed to minister to people in hospitals. There was a guy in… Read More

  • Labor Verbalizing the Gospel


    I own a nail salon. In my line of business, customer service is key. I decided to open my own business so I could offer a smile and a listening ear to my clients. Often when people come to the salon, they've had a long day, are in a hurry, and are trying to treat themselves. They use this place as an escape. I am a Christian, and I want others to see that through my work. I have an opportunity to share my faith each day. I work six days a week and have chosen to be closed on… Read More

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