Children Labor Mentoring


High school was pretty rough for me. I spent those years struggling with identity and friendships, so when I graduated, I declared I would never go back. Of course, God, with His sense of humor, had other plans. During college, He revealed how my pain from high school could be used to pour into the next generation. I began to see how my testimonies could help other girls know they aren’t alone in their trials, and God could use me to disciple them. I became a Young Life leader and worked as a high school teacher after I graduated college. I fell in love with this age group, and wanted to give my life to serving them. More than anything, I wanted high school girls to know they already have the approval they seek. So often, teenagers strive to fit in, be the sports star, and make the highest grade in their class, all in the pursuit of affirmation. What they don’t realize is they already have God’s approval. Jesus didn’t go into the wilderness, do ministry, heal the sick, or rise from the dead to earn the approval of the Father. He knew who He was and did everything from that. That’s exactly how it is for us. My biggest hope is to awaken high school girls to the truth that because the Spirit of God lives inside them, they get to have a relationship with God and do great things. I want high school girls to know what I wish I would have known at their age: You are already approved of by God. You always have been, always will be, and nothing can ever change that.

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    October 31, 2018 at 11:25 am

    Yes seeking love, friendship and inclusion is the number one motivator for everyone, and yet we all, are as Gath Brooks says: “Looking for love in all the wrong places …”. Until that is, we ‘get it’ or rather accept it, the free gift, of Love. How do we accept it? We cry out from the bottom of our hearts and ask for help! We ask for forgiveness and turn towards Him. This turning is repentance. Following and trusting him daily. Our Lord and God!

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