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I have worked in the cancer field my whole career. I’ve seen the struggles patients go through and how it permeates every facet of their lives. I know how difficult it is to get the right nutrition during different phases of cancer treatment.

So the idea of delivering nutritious meals to cancer patients started swimming in my brain years ago. But I kept it bottled up. How could I possibly pull off something like this? Whenever I let my mind wander on to this dream, I saw obstacles pop up.

A year ago, I had three close friends in their forties diagnosed with cancer, so the idea was really on my mind. That’s when I told a few people about my idea. They were all rather intrigued, so they promised to pray about it.

Within a few months, several pieces of the puzzle came together. Was this a sign from God? So I started praying for further signs, figuring if God wanted to use me, I would be all in. And the signs came.

I prayed for some guidance on nutrition, and a chef volunteered her time. I prayed for direction on how to make meals for a number of people at once, and the availability of a local commercial kitchen reared its head. So I started asking people to pray for a specific obstacle that stood in my way, and one by one, the obstacles dissolved. Maybe not the way I expected, but the door was opened for me.

So I jumped in and formed Meals OnCol. We provide cancer patients with meals tailored to alleviate the side effects from treatment. Loved ones or friends can pay for a patient’s meals, and they are delivered to that patient each week. It is a way to give cancer patients comfort, hope and some solid, and needed, nutrition. I don’t know how it will grow, but God has shown His hand at every step, and I am excited for Him to use me to make this happen. (photo credit: Madoline Markham)

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