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Have you ever had a desire to help an organization but didn’t know what you could do? That was my situation when I became aware of the Angels Charge Ministry, a faith-based non-profit helping women coming out of prisons or detention centers to transition successfully back into society.

I started by simply providing the women with transportation, as many of the women did not have cars or licenses after leaving prison. I would drive them to work or appointments.

After some time, God also opened my eyes to the overall needs of the ministry. I noticed those leading the nonprofit were so busy serving the women and helping them overcome challenges that they simply did not have time to do any of the back-office work that has to be done. And, those are things I know well since I used to be the executive director of an art museum.

So I started writing grants and doing fundraising while working behind the scenes. The grant writing and fundraising helps us build assets, so we can open more transitional houses for more women.

By the end of the summer, we will open our third home and will be serving fourteen to fifteen women.

While God is using me behind-the-scenes, I am still able to see the difference my work is making in the lives of these women. I’ve seen them grow in faith, learn skills, and get their children back. I see how God is using us to help these women get back on their feet. He is using us to remind these women who have been hardened by the prison system that there are good people left in the world.

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