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I started Support Someone Saturday last year to highlight the great things people are doing to serve others during the pandemic. I had an idea about doing a video interview series back in February. Then in April, I went through some major dental issues. I was in significant pain with an ice pack on my face for about ten days. I had eight dentist appointments over two months. During that painful time, I would pray while icing my face.

It was then that God really impressed upon me to start the Support Someone Saturday interview series. My goal is to get the word out about all the positive things people are doing through charities, foundations, ministries and nonprofits to help those in need, especially during the pandemic.

Support Someone Saturdays is an interview that lasts about 30 minutes. I have talked to founders, directors and leaders of organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Administer Justice, Team World Vision and more. The purpose is to inform the viewers about the founding of the organization, the mission and what they are doing to help those in need. Those I interview usually share some real-life stories of people that have been helped. They also share ways that people can get on board, donate, or volunteer. They talk about how the pandemic has affected their organization. I hope to interview more organizations not only in Illinois but around the United States.

I want to inspire Christians and others that watch the interviews to start giving back, to do more to tangibly step out and meet the needs of others through volunteering and making monetary donations. I also hope that we can spread the word about the amazing charities and organizations that exist, and help those that are in need of their services. I love to do the interviews. I love to hear their hearts, their mission and the stories of how they are making a difference and changing lives. I feel like I am being a catalyst for change, and hope this starts a movement of people giving and serving those in need.

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