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Sometimes God gives you stepping stones to build up courage to do something scary.

For me, that began when God opened my eyes to the suffering in the world. But, I did not even know where to begin. Plus, it was scary to think about leaving everything I knew. However, when a friend asked me if I would regret not going abroad after God gave me this desire, I knew I would. God used this conversation as another stepping stone.

Then, I took the next step and attended a job fair that very week. It was at this job fair where I learned about a job in Honduras. I did not have any specific country in mind. I merely prayed with my hands open, and God led me to Honduras to teach at a bilingual school.

After I moved to Honduras, I found an English-speaking church I could attend. At my very first visit to this church, I met the director of the Micah Project. This ministry works with boys on the street to help them become leaders in their homes, churches, and communities, so they can learn to break the cycles of poverty and addiction that are rampant on the city streets.

After learning about this ministry and seeing it first-hand, I knew I needed to take another step (or, rather, a big leap). God had led me to Honduras for this purpose. I did not go to Honduras as a missionary; I came to Honduras for a job at a school.

I never thought I would be living off ministry support as a single woman in my thirties. Honestly, I do not think I would have come to Honduras to be a missionary because I didn’t think it was possible and I wasn’t ready. But, I said yes to God, and He gave me one step at a time. I thought I would be ministering to vulnerable, at-risk youth through the Micah Project by spending my days showing street boys they are seen, known, and loved.

While this is true, God has also used my involvement with the Micah Project to transform and deepen my own faith. It is the hardest thing I have ever done. I’ve learned saying YES to God doesn’t mean everything will be easy. There are days my heart breaks for these boys, yet I get to see God make beauty from ashes and see miracles happen.

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