Prayer Senior Citizens


My entire life was spent helping my husband in ministry. As a pastor’s wife and mother, my work and ministry were never done. For years, we worked side by side tirelessly to see people come to faith in Christ, and then teach students at a Bible school how to do that very same thing.

Now, my dear husband has passed on to his eternal reward, and I am unable to get around like I used to. I thought my days of ministry were behind me.

I really wasn’t sure what to do with myself now that I am confined to my home. I am so thankful for a church that helped me find a ministry I can do from home: a prayer ministry.

Each week, the church sends me prayer cards filled out by members of the congregation. I then spend a few hours each day calling them and praying with them over the phone. Over the last few years, I have prayed for thousands of people and seen the Lord do amazing things.

I am so thankful I am still able to be used by the Lord for great and mighty things. Prayer isn’t just something to fill my days. Prayer is the true work of ministry to the Body of Christ. I feel what I am doing now is even more vital to the kingdom of God than anything I have done before.

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