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It’s been said that life can change in an instant. For me, a trip to Africa in 2012 altered the course of my life forever.

On that trip, I was introduced firsthand to orphans. I had read about them and seen videos, but actually holding a child who did not know the love of a family stirred my heart. Already a mother to two beautiful girls, my heart was pulled in the direction of international adoption.

In 2013, my husband and I started the long and difficult journey of growing our family through adoption. We knew we were being called to adopt from the DRC- the Democratic Republic of the Congo. We were matched with a beautiful little girl we named Emily, and we started the adoption process. However after 18 long months, she no longer was available to adopt. We were crushed, confused, and torn. But the Lord was good. He placed a second little girl from the Congo in our lives, and in May of 2016, we were able to bring home our little girl, Evie.

My family’s journey through international adoption molded our family into what it is today, and helped prepare me for my future work at Fund the Nations. This organization helps mission groups, families seeking adoption, and non-profit groups better fulfill the Great Commission through t-shirt sales and fundraising. I became the official storyteller of the organization. It is my job to express the desires and dreams of the groups traveling across the globe to spread the good news or the heartfelt cries of a couple desperately wanting to bring their child home from a faraway land.

Who knew that in the midst of my family’s heartbreak and difficulties through our international adoption, the Lord was at work preparing my heart for continued ministry through Fund the Nations. The Lord can always use our circumstances to His glory if we let Him.

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