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When you are a young social worker who calls on families in a poor neighborhood, you see a number of things that break your heart. Some of these families have so little in life.

One of my families has five children and just one toy between them to share. Kids learn how to deal with other people through play and toys, since it engages so many of our senses and builds confidence. But this family had just a single toy. My heart was heavy for these kids who had so little. I prayed about what to do, and felt like Jesus was leading me to a creative solution.

I decided to get all my friends together and do a toy drive. Everyone was thrilled to take part, especially when they heard about the families that would receive the gifts.

Once the drive ended, we gave each social worker in my office a couple toys for every child they dealt with and had them personally present them on their next house call. It brought so much joy and happiness to these kids and their parents, as well as every social worker. It turned out to be such a simple act, but heartwarming for everyone involved.

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