Adoption/Foster Care Children Special Needs


My wife and I had a plan early in our marriage. We would have a biological child and then we’d adopt one. And as so often happens, God had a different plan for us. My wife went through several difficulties. These were heartbreaking times for us both. We felt we were not meant to be biological parents and that God wanted us to adopt. So we embarked on several trips to Guatemala to begin the adoption process. This was an incredible journey. We eventually adopted a baby boy, Santo. A few years later, we again tried to have a biological child. Sadly, we went through even more difficulties. My wife and I heard God’s message once again. He wanted us to adopt a second child. So back to Guatemala we went where we met our new boy named Xavier. He had special needs: he was blind, epileptic and had other complications. But an incredible feeling came over us both. We felt God had selected us to be with Xavier. It was very obvious. We bonded immediately. Having adopted two children has totally changed my world. It has made me a completely different person—at work, at home, everywhere. You realize what is truly important in this world. These children are such a blessing to us both. We can’t imagine our lives without them. But, surprisingly, God wasn’t done with us. Five years ago, my wife found out she was pregnant and we had our first biological child. Her two older brothers love their baby sister and we thank God for our beautiful—and complete—family!

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