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As a children’s pastor, I’ve been blessed to have seen so many children come to Christ. There are few things more beautiful than seeing Jesus in a child’s eyes.

But the bulk of my ministry happens outside the church building. Several times a week, I find myself eating at a restaurant for one reason or another. As a Christian, I offer a prayer of thanksgiving over each meal.

A number of years ago, I asked the Lord for more opportunities to share the gospel with people in my immediate area, particularly people who wouldn’t normally be in church. The Lord challenged me to start praying for those I come in contact with during my day.

I wasn’t sure what that meant until I was out to lunch with a colleague. We ordered and then received our food, praying together before we started eating. Just as we said “Amen,” I looked up and saw our waitress watching us. The Lord spoke to me, telling me to ask her how I could pray for her.

That started a habit. Every time I am at a restaurant, I tell the server I will be thanking God for my food. Then I ask if there is anything I can pray for him during my prayer.

Sometimes I get a strange look and a negative response. But other times, tears well up in the person’s eyes, and it opens the door to sharing the truth of God’s love.

No matter what, though, I pray for that person before I eat my meal, knowing that God will be there for him or her.

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    August 13, 2018 at 9:51 am

    God bless you dear, your amazing to do what you are doing. Do not give up God is with you.

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