Children Food Mentoring


When the devastating winter storm hit Texas in February of 2021, many of my high school football players and their families found themselves in a critical situation. Some didn’t have heat, water, food or even transportation to get anything to eat.

I texted a number of them to see what they might need and they told me of their dire situation. As their head coach, I knew I had to act. I’ve always made the foundation of our team be “Love Each Other. Serve Each Other.” It’s a way for me to share my Christian beliefs. But this was a time to live it out and show them how this looks.

So my wife, my parents and I started making sack lunches for our kids, their siblings and their families. The four of us made a production line where we put a ham or turkey sandwich, chips, a granola bar, fruit, a pop tart and bottles of water in as many paper sacks as we could find.

We got in the car and drove through some fairly challenging circumstances to deliver the 65 meals to our players and their families.

The next day, our superintendent, Conrado Garcia, wanted to open up our high school gym as a warming station and shelter for the community. He asked us to make meals for anybody that needed some food. So we did. It was a blessing to have an opportunity to serve others.

We can all talk about what we should do to help others, and we do as their coaches at every opportunity we get. In fact, every Monday during athletics, we hold Manhood Monday with our entire team. We talk about what it looks like to be a Godly man. What it takes to be a husband, son, father, worker or boss. It is our way of sharing the Gospel with them and letting them know about a Father that truly loves them. It’s fairly common as a coach to say you love your players. I’m just glad we had a chance to put our faith and our love for them into action.

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