Children Mentoring Overcoming Obstacles


I received an alarming call in early 2010. “Momma, please take care of my girls. I can’t do this anymore!”

My daughter was in a relationship that led her down a very destructive path. In short, she ended up losing her children and spending the next several years in and out of the drug world. She begged me to keep her girls and I agreed.

Thus began an incredible calling. What was supposed to be a few months turned into years. I received full custody of my granddaughters and stayed in constant prayer for my daughter. I prayed over my granddaughters and taught them to pray as well. I spoke life over them and encouraged them to dream big, forgive daily, and always put God first.

Now at ages 15 and 20, my granddaughters are shaping up to be amazing, intelligent, beautiful women of God. Every day, I see more of how God has taken someone like me and has used me exactly the way I wanted to be used.

I can’t imagine where my granddaughters would be today. Would they have followed the same path as their mother? I don’t know.

What I do know is God works all things for His good. My daughter is now clean and focused on building a sustainable life for herself. She speaks to her girls daily, and they have nothing but love and forgiveness toward her. God worked through me to love, help, and make a difference in these girls’ lives.

I’ve always wanted God to use me in a mighty way. I wanted to make a difference, and be the helping hand for those in need; I wanted to change lives. In my mind, I painted a picture of how God would use me. But the Bible says that His ways are higher than ours. He was already using me and I had no idea.

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